First, but not definitely the last, I am sorry.
Sorry for neglecting to blog.


Ever since my last post, my STPM came and went. Results are good (unexpectedly good).
Been applying to every available university since then.
Recently got an offer.

Well, to those in Ipoh,
See you guys and gals soom in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)


I supposed it is never too late to resume my blogging escapades, so here goes.
First up, I’m just glad that my STPM examination’s over. (For those who don’t know what on earth STPM is, just compare it to A-Levels. You’ll get the picture.)
Perfect timing for the exam to end, too. With most of my friends returning to this little hamlet called Bintulu, it’s all fun and booze till we forgot who we are. Haha.
And it’s because of this same fun too I’ve neglected resuming my blog. Sorry readers.
Anyways, I’ll keep you all updated as much as possible in my adventures. It’ll be full of drama, suspense, and emotions. Just prepare tissues for any unexpected tales from me.
Till then, this is live from my desktop, stay tuned folks!

Many apologies. . .

June 14, 2010

Readers, I have terrible news for you.

Let’s cut to the chase alright? I’m DEAD
Not clear enough? Look up on the dictionary for these words: Death, Doom, Die, etc.

Well, not exactly dead, anyways, because if I do, I might as well write this as my will and go kill myself.

What I’m trying to convey is, I have to cut my losses in order to make gain. Commit sacrifice to make a noteworthy effort. Prepare myself for rainy days and blah blah blah. . .(The list goes on)

So, Goodbye to Facebook. Goodbye to basketball evenings, goodbye to leisure time, goodbye to time wasting methods.
Hello, insanity. Hello, books. Hello, knowledge (not that I don’t meet it everyday). Hello, discipline.

Hopefully, after STPM’s over, I have time to make up for lost time.

-With great power,comes great responsibility-
(Not that I have some superhero identity, mind you.)

These Tired Old Eyes

April 18, 2010

As I sat on the porch
My eyes trail the horizon
My mind wanders
Reminiscing my own life
As what I’ve been and am

Childhood years.
Drains and fields are playfields
Life is simple
Education is foreign
Fun and games I thrive in
Ignorance is bliss, so they say

First day at school
I remembered vividly
My life slowly shifts
From fun to books
Nonetheless, youthful curiousity
Paves the way for knowledge

Now as who I am
Now a teen
Struggling to juggle
Love, knowledge and fun
Life’s angst and trials too.

It’s good to recall
How fun it was back then.
I’m on a slowly narrowing lane
With choices to make
And my future at stake

Now, I’m 19.
But I feel like 90
As I watch my life
Goes with passing days
With these tired eyes
These old, tired pair of eyes
of mine. . .

Read the title of my post PROPERLY. It’s just a shortened form of ‘WHAT WE WANT TO BE IS ALL ON OUR HANDS’.

Familiar phrase, right? Only problem is, young peoples nowadays don’t seem to be able to see the big picture.

Honestly, how many of you guys or gals ever thought like, “Why do I have to be stuck under the same system, never to try the great unknown”?

Let me tell you something. A wise dude once told me that’ looking is the essence of knowledge’. I don’t have to necessarily glue my ocular implants on a bunch of books, when I can just step outside and take a trip to wherever I want, like a wind.

As idealistic as it seems, who can deny the fact that ‘KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYWHERE?”

In contrast, youngsters nowadays all preferred to be what their parents wants them to be. Not that it’s bad, but parents, WHAT about your childs’ needs? they are not parts sticking out of your back, so you can tell them their choices, but THEY have to make the decision.

It doesn’t matter if they landed a job as an IT engineer,or an artist, or a painter. The world have plenty of vacancies for any jobs one can think of. Don’t limit your job search to local companies, try your luck with international ones. Or try to go solo. Remember, ‘He who dares, wins.’

Try to step out your comfort zone for once. You can make a major breakthrough by doing so.

Here’s a final quote from me to those who are still uncertain of the great unknown in the game of Life:

-Taken from Negi Springfield, Mahou Sensei Negima

Today, I’m at Miri on a tour guide/holiday trip with my aunt and her children. The euphoria of driving for 2 straight hours along Coastal Highway got hampered by my cousin Adreanna, who proves to be the Queen of Highways. Talk about brushes with death, she LOOKED at DEATH behind the wheels. Straight in the face. Now THAT’S cool.
Putting that aside, we (that is, me, my parents, Danny, my aunt, her son & daughter, and Adreanna) proceeded to check in Imperial Hotel before taking my aunt and her family for sightseeing around this beautiful town (somewhat, if not for the eternal lag in traffic flow). First place? Boulevard. After receiving some ‘funds’ from my parents, we all split into different directions, kinda like when American football teams huddle together to discuss their next plan on the field, except there’s no ‘Hoorah!’ from anyone after that.
It’s kinda boring with nobody to hit the arcade with, so I chose to invest in a new Gundam action base stand. This one’s emerald green, so it’s not a bad buy (BUT it does put a small dent in my wallet cause it’s not MY moolah to begin with.
If there’s one thing I don’t get with Homo sapiens, it’s that the female species (some) often complained that the males spend too much energy and time playing sports and keeping buff and fit and healthy. However, the male (some, too) often seem exhausted after only a few minutes going shopping with their partners. Now talk about the weird reciprocal of energy consumption when it comes to 2 different activities (where the only thing in common is that BOTH uses energy for a long, long time). Can anyone make a new sport for women? I call it ‘Trolley-athlon’, where only women are allowed to take part in.
The rules? There’s 3 parts of this race: Trolley dash, Item pickup, and Item checkout. More details to come soon (if this sport ever became a reality).
Now, it’s nighttime. everyone’s exhausted (obviously) from the constant movement from one shopping complex to another. I extend my thanks to Adreanna for lending me her laptop to write this post. Goodnight bloggers, readers, and web browsers. Edwin out cold under the cold air-con breath.

Well, school holiday had officially started. What can I say? Yahoo? Hooray for holidays?
Honestly, I feel like doing so, if not for the mountain of works left into me and my friends’ laps (Thanks teacher/s)
Although, it’s not half-bad, this kind of life. Where one gets a bunch of things to do during the holiday, instead of sitting around the house, doing nothing till boredom kills the neurons in your brains. Which will result in mindless idiots who didn’t even know why they are at home at the first place, or what they are supposed to do during this ‘hibernation’.
One side of a pin in the ass of everyday holiday life solved.
Round the corner, love’s in the air. Not to mention the distant roaring of the Year of the Tiger slowly ushering a new beginning in the lives of every single Chinese soul around the world. There’s even birthdays to look forward to during this period.
More spice in life, I assume. At least it’s not going to be all fireworks this year.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my friend Joshua, and a very, very prosperous Chinese New Year to all Chinese readers. Hopefully after all the fireworks settled, there won’t be any poor sap suffering from ‘detached limbs’.

Thanks to Twokinds for this pic.